Dear Fairness Cream Companies, These Young Girls Have A Bold Message For You

There will always be a bunch advising you to resort to ‘lightening-creams’ if you are ‘dark’. Sadly enough, I had one of these at my disposal too. But luckily, they were mostly people whom I could conveniently avoid – distant ‘concerned’ relatives, college acquaintances and so on. Plus, Ma had me prepped for those inescapable events and I was all set to bash people with my well-rehearsed “But, I won’t have it any other way” smirk.

I have never had to ‘feel’ ugly for being dusky. But that’s because I was fortunate to have that support. I have seen many who were unable to shun these feelings away, because society!

We have been conditioned to think that beauty has a great deal to do with being fair. In this one minute video, young women question this dated mindset and confidently embrace their skin colour!

While the video also creates another box about what beauty should look like (which is not something I personally stand by), it surely makes an excellent attempt at breaking down the whole idea of ‘fair is lovely’.

But everything aside and most importantly, #EmbraceYourColour because that is surely the way of going about it.
Source - Youth ki Awaaz


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