Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; so is vulgarity

This Video Highlights A Strange Habit All Indian Women Have Developed & It Needs To Stop Now.
Source - ELLE and WEvolve Global have come up with a wonderfully crafted video which questions the stereotypical ideas of how men and women should behave

Wearing Salwar Kameez Is Not A Crime

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Judging is one of the most overused words nowadays and while some judge directly or indirectly, some spew horrible words. As usual, women are the main target. The world would probably be a little different if we could reduce it on the individual level!

Recently, I came across an advertisement that caught my attention. It was all about not judging a woman. It was an advertisement with a different mindset and which really appealed to me a lot. It was indeed inspiring and empowering lines for every woman, one of which says, “Meri salwar-kameez mujhko behenjee nahein bulatee (My Salwar-kameez doesn’t call me an aunty)” and the salwar-kameez clad girl immediately sits and rides away on her bullet with pride in front of all the so called “modern” people.

I am little unaware if you have ever come across this word “Behanji“. The first time I heard it was during my school and college days. I heard it more often in college as there was no uniform and everybody flaunted their outfits and hairstyles. The word was particularly used for the girls who didn’t have a knack for fashion and style. They missed that “wow” factor in their personality, and in what they wear. Especially the ones who were always seen in typical Indian wears. Though the time has changed a lot in the last two decades but the word “Behanjee” is still there with with more and more fan following.

During these two decades, I had completely forgotten about that word but the powerful lines in advertisement revived my memory. It resonates with me.
I am a Salwar -kameez lover now. Since childhood, I was allowed to wear what I wanted to and, I still, have that freedom of choice. My love for cotton, handloom, and silk started a few years ago. There was the time, before that, when I never wore any Indian outfit till. It was all jeans, trousers and all types of western wear that I loved at that time.


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