I cannot wait to travel the world with you and to have endless conversations with you

To my dearest future husband,

This might sound uncanny, surreal even, but I need to let you in on who I am, and that is why I am writing this letter to you.

Do you want to know a secret? I have been waiting for you since I was 5. Funny, isn’t it, that I don’t know who you are or what you look like or how you like your tea, but here I am, opening myself to you. I am taking the first step.

चार निकाह की इजाज़त तब थी जब जंग में पुरुष मारा जाता था और स्त्रियाँ अकेली रह जाती थी.

मुस्लिम मर्द या तो चार निकाह के कान्स्पेट को विधवा, गरीब,बेसहारा,यतीम और ज़रूरतमंद स्त्रियों के इस्लामिक अवधारणा तक सीमित करें या फिर चार निकाह करना बंद करें. यौन आकांक्षाओं के लिए कम उम्र की लड़कियों से शादी करके मुसलमानों को बदनाम करने वालों के खिलाफ मुसलमानों को बोलना पड़ेगा. चार निकाह की इजाज़त तब थी जब जंग में पुरुष मारा जाता था और स्त्रियाँ अकेली रह जाती थी. तब का अरब समाज कैसा था यह किसी से छुपा नहीं है. ऐसे में शादी करके घर लाना ,संपत्ति में हक़ देना , मुहब्बत , आदि बराबरी का ही रूप था लेकिन अब ऐसा नहीं दिखता. ज़्यादातर दूसरी शादी लड़का पैदा करने , खुबसूरत और कम उम्र की लड़की से सेक्स करने के लिए की जा रही है. और मर्द ,इसे इस्लाम के नाम पर कर रहा है. रोक लगाई. ये मत कहियेगा की लोग नहीं करते . दुनिया बहुत बड़ी है . खूब करते हैं . फतवा निकलवाइये . शरिया बदलवाइए. टाईट कीजिए नियम .
Source - Mohammad Anas - Facebook Post

Nai nai, aao rape karo..This Thought-Provoking Video Asks You To Rape. What Will You Do?

‘Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.’

Putting into words strong ideas and powerful emotions is not an easy task, but perhaps it is the most effective form of expression, an art, if you will. Words have the power to sting and to soothe, to cut and to nurse, to wound deep, and to heal just as thoroughly.

“Rape Karo” is a passionate, compelling poem issued in public interest by Active Illusions. It deals with the subject of rape in a scathing, painfully honest manner. It shames the society at large for the ever growing menace of treating women as pieces of meat and considering them as nothing but sex objects. It talks about various factors like lust, frustration and anger that lead up to crimes against women.

This video is a thought-provoking take on how we treat our women.

This is how it feels to be one of them.
Source - http://www.youthconnectmag.com/2015/01/15/rape-karo/

This is natural - GOD GIFTED - First Indian Lesbian Wedding

It was love at first sight for Shannon and Seema who met each other for the first time at a fitness class six years ago in the US. Now, they have decided to tie the knot in a spectacular wedding.This was the first Indian lesbian wedding to have taken place in America. The vibrant and intimate pictures of the wedding show they both are in deeply love.

Power to the woman! ??

Power to the woman!
It’s true that violence against women didn’t start at the cinema and it won’t end there. Which is why, while we challenge how women are framed in popular culture, our campaign also aims to confront the attitudes and underlying values at the level of the family, the school, the workplace that make this violence possible.

Watch “UNCENSORED”, pass it on, and do sign our petition to the Censor Board at http://www.FrameHerRight.org

Source - Uncensored - Frame Her Right

Roko Mat ..Toko Mat

Source - Parle-G New Official TVC - You Tube

You don't need to be a MAN to be a MARD

Two men were harassing a girl in broad daylight. Then they were taught a lesson - and how! gasp


Sometimes, all it takes is the willingess to stand up for what's right. Like these boys.



"You are born of sex. Your every body cell is a sex cell, all your energy is sex energy. So if religions teach that sex is bad, sex is sin, they have condemned you completely. And not only have they condemned you, now you will condemn yourself. Now you cannot go beyond it and you cannot leave it, and now it is a sin. You are divided; you start fighting with yourself. And the more this guilt can be created in you – over the concept that sex is something unholy – the more neurotic you will become."
Source - facebook


Very emotional speech in parliament about farmers of punjab

Source - Bhagwant Mann


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